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    what to do with a Brooks B67 saddle

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    My coworker (a 6'3" man who weighs way more than 200 pounds) has been jumping into cycling. He went from a mountain bike to a race bike, discovering on his way that what he needs is a road bike but will have to make due with the race bike for now.

    He's been having startling saddle issues* and on the recommendations of his bike shop bought a comfort saddle. which of course added to his problems*

    I lent him my B67 and the guy despite all of his issues* rode 20 miles last night and is completely sold on Brooks saddles..

    **issues** hematoma, bleeding, numbness, soreness....!!!!!!
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    Yikes! Just got my B67 in and about to mount it on my bike. After reading your post, I'm sure it will be comfortable! I also have a Champions Flyer but am selling that since I got the B67.

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    Good for him, for not being put off, and well done you for helping him I have no idea why "comfort" saddles are so named, the best thing I did to my Marin was changing the "comfort" saddle.
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