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    ...he was charged with 2nd degree murder; yesterday he entered a plea of "not guilty"...he caused a man's death with his sucker punch, then ran away from it all...so I wonder who he thinks IS guilty or responsible??


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    Quote Originally Posted by MM_QFC! View Post
    right, and I posted the link to the newspaper article a bit earlier this afternoon, so you can read about him turning himself in...
    +1 to what Mimi said...and I'd also say that those "young ladies" as you termed them, acted anything but ladylike and were lots more than impatient...how about rude and confrontational for starters?
    The article cites the police and/or witnesses statements that the (now dead) victim did not provoke their tirade or violence against him and he did not strike back...just disgusting, the whole thing...really, really sickening how some people act towards others and somehow want help in explaining it away...sheesh!
    I agree, it should have never happened, and he would still be alive. Very sad indeed. Jenn

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    Wow. The first article posted just disgusted me. But the second article.... He prayed?!? They contacted the NAACP?? WHAT?? He killed a man, and he thinks he deserves the support of the NAACP?!?!? It seemed like the author felt sorry for the guy that did the punching. That made me feel a bit ill.

    Granted, my understanding of the situation is based on the articles posted, but it sounds like the guy showed up, punched the poor man watering the circle, and left. That sounds like premeditated violence to me. And he has a history of violence, so it's not like he doesn't know his own strength. I hope they prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. And the girl that called him too - she's an accessory and should also be prosecuted.

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    well, Flur, I agree about the girls, they should be considered accessories, but they were released. The puncher is going to jail for a long time, but you must understand, he had good reason to be afraid of turning himself in, it's not a good thing to be a black man sometimes when it comes to dealing with the police.
    (or a bicyclist either for that matter!!! )

    but he DOES have a history of violence, so he won't be seeing the light of day anytime soon. And someone is dead bottom line, and the community is mourning. An ironic aside, when the bad guy's pastor moved to the neighborhood, Paroline (the man that died) gave her some perennials that are still blooming in her garden...
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    Every thing about this story makes me sad. So many wasted lives over nothing!

    Since I am not religious, I won't judge the man for praying before he turned himself in; maybe it's what he felt he needed to do. However, pleading "not guilty" and avoiding responsibility doesn't seem to be in line with christian beliefs.

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    Pleading not guilty is not the same thing as avoiding responsibility. It's just an opportunity to let the system work, and not throw yourself on the mercy of one randomly selected judge (randomly selected on the duty wheel, I didn't mean randomly selected to the Bench ).
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