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Thread: Our first tour?

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    Bikerhen, thanks for sharing your fun tour. On my last summer tour I read "Pilgrim on a Bicycle", which was perfect for those rainy or down times in my tent.

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    Bikerhen....Thanks for sharing photos of your overnighter. Sounds like great fun and a perfect way to 'practice' for a longer trip.

    My BF is really into camping; I'm less enthusiastic. (Possibly because I've only done it a handful of times?) After a day of hiking or biking, I crave a hot shower, a comfortable bed, and some assurance that no nocturnal critters will invite themselves into my snooze space!.......Keep us posted on how your future tours go, and what you learn and finetune each time.
    "If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." (Will Rogers)

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    21 hours in a tent!


    thanks for the post very fun reading it. i did my first bike tour last year, hadn't ridden in 8 months but just wanted to hit the road. best friend and i biked 738 miles in southern utah. WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING,

    we were ultra light backpackers so we were able to be ultra light bike tourers as well, take the least amount you need to be comfortable, i had plenty for the month and wouldn't take anything more for a year (so i guess i did alright)

    i am actually from spokane and know of some good places so if you want just ask...
    oh and by the way i once stayed in my tent for 21 hours straight with one pee break in alaska crazy storm. cards are great



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