My husband and I have been toying with the idea of moving for a few years now. We vacationed in QLD and absolutely loved it. At first it was just a fun idea but due to a number of reasons we'd like to think it's a possibility now. My husband has job leads in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. I have some questions if you ladies wouldn't mind helping me out a bit:

-Are there any Americans on TE that have made the move to Oz? I'd love to hear about your visa app process and the move.
-What's the job market like right now?
-Is the economy relatively stable?
-This question might open a can of worms, but what's the general attitude towards Americans?
-I know 101 reasons why I'd like to move down under, but what would you say is the number one reason why I wouldn't want to?
-Lastly, and most's the mountainbiking???