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    Sorry it took me so long to get back!
    It actually started before the commute, but I thought it was just a small normal headache, did not think it was going to turn into the huge massive migraine it did! I am thinking it is hormonal and or weather related. We have been having some strong winds and storms coming through here lately.
    I am going to go to the acupuncturist this week and also make an appt with the chiro.

    Going to attempt the commute again on Wed!! can't wait, will let everyone know how it goes :-)

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    OH I know what you are talking about. The older I am getting the more frequent those headaches are. Mine aren't what I would call migraines most of the time, just really bad headaches. I also feel like I'm getting the flu around my TTOM now. For the headaches I just take advil as soon as I feel them coming on (it's usually a week prior to aunt flo). I noticed if I don't drink enough water they are worse. I know also that if I rode for a long time that week, they are worse too, because me and my chin sticking out really stick it to the neck and my muscles are pretty tense.

    Come to think of it, actually massage helped me last year with them, so much that I had an appointment once a month. Seemed to do the trick.



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