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Thread: MoonSaddle

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    Has anyone ever experienced this saddle? http://www.moonsaddle.com
    I was in a store this afternoon as was told the owner loves it. Shop mentioned they were going to be getting a shipment in soon.

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    I tried a similar one and absolutely hated it. Seems I use the nose of the saddle a lot to control the bike, and without a nose I was lost.

    I couldn't make it work, I just ride too energetically/kinetically/kinesthetically to go without a nose. Your mileage may vary.
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    I'd fall off the bike or be standing on the pedals all the time. The nose of the saddle is critical for control.

    I have a friend who tried a saddle that was like two kidney beans side by side. She tried it on an upright hybrid and couldn't stay on the thing. And she was a fairly sedentary rider.

    Maybe if you're on a beach cruiser on smooth pavement meandering at a negative 2 miles an hour . . .
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    hmm - looks comfy if you sit all the time and pedal straight ahead. But I can just see myself standing slightly and leaning into a turn, and falling right out of my bike...
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