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    Statistical evidence for stupid drivers

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    Caught this interesting blurb on a study done by GMAC Insurance that indicates that about 33 million American drivers would fail a basic written driver's test regarding rules of the road:

    From the study:
    "ST. LOUIS, MO. (May 22, 2008) Results from the 2008 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test released today found that 16.4 percent of drivers on the road amounting to roughly 33 million licensed Americans would not pass a written drivers test exam if taken today. The fourth annual survey, which polled 5,524 licensed Americans from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, is designed to gauge driver knowledge by administering 20 actual questions taken from state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) exams. Kansas drivers ranked first in the nation, with an average test score of 84.0 percent; New Jersey drivers ranked last, with an average score of 69.9 percent.

    "Overall, findings from the 2008 survey indicate that an alarming number of licensed Americans continue to lack knowledge of basic rules of the road."

    There's a link to the study at the bottom of the page, and another link within that study for you to take that test (a good refresher - I got a 90% - one I flubbed and I disagree with one they marked wrong...).
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    I got a 90% also.
    good test
    for six tanks of gas you could have bought a bike.

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    What, the one about yielding for a left turn? Yeah, I think that question is stupid, too. Out in the country you can sometimes see oncoming traffic a mile or more away. Surely they don't really mean we have to wait for that.

    whoops, different test from last year. This time I actually missed one that I really knew the answer to (not entering the intersection on a solid yellow), lol

    Although, school bus laws vary. In Ohio, if you're going the opposite direction from a school bus on a four-lane, you can pass it. In Florida, you can do so ONLY if the four-lane is divided (which seems backwards to me, since IMO school busses shouldn't let kids out when they have to cross an undivided four-lane, and in Ohio they don't, but that's the law in Florida).
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    I got 100% Of course, that doesn't mean that I always do as I should.
    I'd rather be swimming...biking...running...and eating cheesecake...

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