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    Summer colds are the worst

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    I just thought that I'd vent a bit. I was going to run a 5k today. I'd been looking forward to it forever. I've wanted to run it for like 3 years now. It's the tulip festival 5k in Orange City. My family has their reunion there every year. The last couple years, I'd fall off the wagon and not quite be able to make the distance because by now I'm often biking more.

    Now, I'd even hit 4 miles a time or two. Earlier this week I ran 3 miles on Sunday with a small walk (I think that I ran out of smoke running before breakfast). Monday I ran about 3 miles again and I never run back to back days.

    My brother was sick with a cold last week. I saw him on Sunday. I suspect that he maybe he breathed in the wrong direction. Silly brothers.

    Then Tuesday night as I was in a store grabbing things before I went home I felt a suspicious tickle in the throat. Crap. I know that feeling. It got worse. I thought maybe on Wed I could go for an easy bike ride, the weather was goregous. But I was tired.

    Yesterday it dropped into my chest. So, I figured that I'd better not try running. I need to be well by June so that I can do the Tour de Kota. Which is another bummer about the cold. It's finally goregous outside and I feel like crap. I'm sorely lacking in miles this year. I would suck it up and ride, but I don't want to prolong the cold either.

    Blah. I'm drinking lots of fluids. LOTS of fluids. Now, I just have to upheave my lungs and I'll be good.

    Thanks for letting me vent. It could be worse of course. I have my overall health. My husband and I were pretty happy that we'd made it through the winter without getting sick. I figured I'd get sick right before the tour de kota. I hate when I'm right all of the time.

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    I got a cold this week too....luckily it's a small one and just a bit of a nuisance (sp?). Nothing that nyquil at night doesn't fix...don't even need anything during the day.

    This is your body's way of telling you that you truly are NOT invincible lol. At least that's what my mom tells me when I get sick....Mom's are always right, ya know!

    Keep drinking your fluids, chicken soup, whatever you're doing and you'll be better in no time!

    Take care!



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