I'd heard the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland was enjoying a resurgence. I used to live there when I first came to the Bay Area and now it's on the yup'swing with a couple of Zagat rated eateries, a cool biker bar, and a thriving sidewalk cafe where you sit at tables that are made of ironing boards.

So I decided to take a stroll and there's a bike shop!


The shop appears to be owned by or so-owned by women and very women-friendly. I was greeted soon after I came in. The 3 person shop seems friendly, funny and very bike savvy. They are mostly a Specialized shop but carry some other bikes. I've seen some Specialized shops that are like "company stores" only Specialized products.

Their focus seems to be on city bikes, fixed gear, they even had an extra-cycle!

Don't worry Chris, you're still my shop. This is a welcome and needed addition to the neighborhood.