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    Good things gro-oh-ow in Ontario!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen View Post
    Just because the instructor is a maroon in a room full of sheep doesn't mean you have to be one too.
    You're right. I don't like being put in unsafe positions by someone that is supposed to be skilled enough to teach the program, especially when I paid for it. And I don't like feeling like the grump of the class either, but my arms are sore right near my elbow after last class so I just need to suck it up and not be a sheep!

    Today she wanted us to do fast spinning while standing up, I just put my resistance where I knew it was safe for me and did my own thing.

    I know there are amazing spin instructors out there and I'm sure I'd love one of their classes but right now I kinda miss my bike, my trainer, and my Spinervals.
    "Live, more than your neighbors. Unleash yourself upon the world and go places. Go now! Giggle. Know. Laugh. And bark the the moon like the wild dog that you are!" - Jon Blais

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    Great information! I KNEW some of those moves were wrong, and my body told me so! I am glad I always modified, or just didn't do them. That said...I just started doing a spin class after my Ball class on Tues, Thurs. New teacher, different verbage. Well, she wanted us (all two of us) to do push-ups on the bike...and get this-not TWO armed push ups, but ONE. You lean to the side on one side, then middle then the other side. WTH?!?

    Needless to say, I just said no. I could just see my lower back tweaking from doing those. Pretty ridiculous. Then I see this thread today, making me say HA! My body knows what is right for it!

    Thanks for all the info!

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    Seems like a dangerous move. You could easily slip and fall off the bike.



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