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    Memorial Bike Ride

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    This is a thread from Road Bike Review, if you scroll down, there are some pretty amazing pictures and a couple of videos from the memorial ride for Matt Peterson and Kristy Gough. It's pretty moving.


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    That's impressive.

    I saw a couple of Roaring Mouse folks out on my ride today. I gave them my condolences. They were very nice. It's still so hard to believe.

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    my photos from the ride are posted here:


    I also posted links to all the media coverage on that page.

    it was a moving event. I have never ridden in a diverse, calm, group of 2,000 or so cyclists. it's an experience I won't quickly forget. let's hope it makes a difference.

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    At this Saturday's Land Park Criterium in Sacramento, the Womens 1/2/3 race did their warm-up lap in silence in honor of Kristy. Just before the start, the referee asked if any of the Third Pillar team members in attendance wanted to say a word or two. No one spoke, but I thought it was a very touching thing for the race organizers to do. I think this was the first W3 race since the accident.

    Take care, all. We are all Kristy's family, in a sense.
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    Yes, all of us cyclists are really one big family.

    I think this just points to the necessity of having memorial rides such as the one you both attended.

    Ride of Silence is scheduled for May 21st. We should all find a group to honor cyclists who have died or been injured on the road and ride with them that day.



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