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Thread: Loner Manners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geonz View Post
    Just a word in defense of outliers... many people overestimate their averages because they sort of interpret it to mean "the speed you spend most of your time going."
    I find people tend to overestimate because they think of it as "the speed I see when I look down at my speedo most often..." and most people tend to look at and remember the higher numbers more than the lower ones

    Looking at your actual speedometer average can be just as unuseful though..... if you ride anywhere where you have to contend with traffic, lights or stop signs that will drag your average speed down quite quickly. I think thats why our local club defines the rides by the "average speed of steady riding on flat terrain" and not the average for the ride. That hopefully gives people a better idea of what to expect.
    "Sharing the road means getting along, not getting ahead" - 1994 Washington State Driver's Guide

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    Believe me, I know that the outliers think that average speed means the speed you see when you look down at your speedo.
    I now say: "What is your average speed? By average, I mean your true average. What does the av. speed function on your computer say at the end of a ride that has some hills in it?"
    If the person can't answer that, then I ask,"How long does it take you to ride 15 miles?" "How many miles do you ride in one hour?"
    Usually, someone can answer one of those questions and give me a clear idea of their riding.
    The rides I lead are considered intermediate. The advertised speed is 13-16 mph average. Our beginner rides are 10-13 mph average. Our rides usually average 13-14, as there is significant climbing on most of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by singletrackmind View Post
    Yer not s'posed to hang onto 'em, yer s'posed to lose 'em. Hard. Or die trying.
    Cause if yer goin' for the chase you gotta make the kill.

    (and then pull over for some fictional reason and hold it....hold it....hold it....ok, he's gone...keel over from lack of oxygen)
    I like your style.
    Drink coffee and do stupid things faster with more energy.



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