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Thread: Googles

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    I'm a new re-learner swimmer. My current googles are a $5.00 pair from the discount store and I'm looking to buy something to get me through a few races this summer. Any suggestions? How about types that are less likely to be kicked off?


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    I think goggles are a kind of personal preference. But I really like the Aquasphere goggles, not the face-mask style ones but just the regular adult goggles. They offer a fairly wide field of vision and are comfortable.

    To keep any goggles from being kicked off, just put them on under your swim cap and that should keep them from getting kicked all the way off (may still get knocked askew but at least you'll be able to relocate them).

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    I have worn the following goggles for 20 years.

    Speedo Pro Anti-Fog:


    They are just normal goggles. I've worn them in all my races for 4 years. Never once have I worried about getting them knocked off my head. They work for me.

    Also, you can put the strap of the goggles under your swim cap if you are worried about them getting knocked off.
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    I have a smallish face and Speedo Women's Vanquisher goggles fit me really well. I have trouble getting a good seal with unisex goggles. Leaky goggles = no fun.

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    I tried a handful of different goggles before finding the the Barracuda Standard goggle:


    Everything else either leaked or I had to cinch them so tight I thought my eyes would pop out. I was lucky to find a store who would let me try them on before buying.

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    Thanks everyone.

    Guess I'll have to locate a local swim shop and try some on. Something tells me my el-cheepo ones aren't going to make it more then a few weeks in the water since I'm going 3x a week and also have a Saturday swim class.

    They have worked ok so far, but I feel like they want to suck my eyeballs out.

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    I wear the Aquasphere Seal Mask. I look like a dork, but I don't care. I could never find any goggles that fit. The mask has worked well for me and hasn't been kicked off yet.

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    I've been doing tris and OW competitions for years and have never had goggles kicked off. As for which ones are best, that absolutely depends on fit. Your goggles are a good fit for your face if you can push them up against your face, [U]without[U] the strap around your head, and they stay there for several seconds (like, 15s to 1+ minute). That means they are sealing to your face & not being held on solely by the force of the strap. A lot of people like the big mask-like versions for tris, but those don't fit me well...in fact, I have a smaller face & wear kids goggles made by speedo or tyr. They're cheap, they fit, and if I lose them or scratch them it's not a huge loss.

    A good tip: Bring a clear (or lightly tinted) and a dark pair to each race, so you can choose based on light conditions.

    Good luck & happy racing!



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