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Thread: Sportbra rash

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    Just a couple for cents from the world of the "lesser endowed"...

    I got chafing rash on occasion back when I was running. Eliminated it by putting on "Runners Lube" or "Body Glide" under the bra in the areas that rashed up.

    no regrets!

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    Enell & other supportive sports bras

    Hi there...I am a 34DD and also do triathlons--so I have thought a lot about supportive sports bras!

    I have the Enell bra, and have used it for 3 triathlons (2 Olympic, 1 sprint)--I haven't found anything that works better. You definitely can swim in it. (I called them to ask them, and they confirmed this.) True, it doesn't dry as fast as some of the most technical fabrics...so you feel wet for a while on the bike. But it is VERY supportive. On the other hand, it has so much compression that I don't really like working out in it...I feel too squeezed.

    The best sports bra that I have found is by Champion: It is something like the Friction Free™ Seamless Full Support Sports Bra.

    Most of the other ones out there don't have enough support--but let me know if you find something good!

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    Results of my recent sports bra test

    As promised, I'm posting some comments on the latest sports bra I tested for TE. This IS a bra we've decided to carry. It's called the Nexus Bra by Hind. You can see it here:


    Overall, I'm very impressed with this bra. It's a zip-front, so it's easy to get on. (Sometimes t-back pullovers are hard to get on and off when you're larger-chested ) It has a "locking" zipper, which means that once you point the zipper-pull in the down direction, the zipper won't spontaneously pull itself apart. There's also an inner flap that covers the underside of the zipper to avoid contact with your skin. The cups are molded and do a nice job of preventing the uniboob look. The bra is quite supportive (not as supportive as the Enell, but NOTHING is as supportive as an Enell). I'm comfortable both running and cycling it in.

    I would probably have preferred that the bra have just a touch more coverage (ie. come up just a bit higher in the front) but I think I'm a bit of a fuddy duddy.

    This past weekend, a group from TE participated in a sprint triathlon at Oregon State University. I decided to wear test the bra for the event to see how it would perform for tri use. I give it 9 out of 10 stars. I had total freedom of movement on the swim, it stayed in place perfectly through all three events, and I was very comfortable and chafe free on the run.

    It loses one star because it was still wet at the end of the event.

    Here's a picture of Marjon (left), me (center) and Molly (right) from Saturday. Marjon & Molly both work here as well, and Saturday was the 1st tri ever for both of them. They had a blast - I suspect it won't be their last!

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    Susan Otcenas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan Otcenas
    This past weekend, a group from TE participated in a sprint triathlon at Oregon State University.
    When you said that you guys wouldn't be coming to the Cinderella becuase it "conflicts with a triathlon that most of the staff will be doing that weekend", I thought you were going to be vendors--not participants!! Yahooooo for the TE gang!

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    Susan, thanks for the update and the new find. I think I may have to get one because the other, old bra I have is about ready for the rag bag.

    Congrats on the tri! You guys look so strong... and you definitely do not have a uniboob in that picture!!

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    Go TE Team Go!!....Tnx for the update on the test Susan! It's probably just about time for me to replace my sports bras too.

    Corsair "I hate replacing stuff" Mac
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