I'm wanting to ride around the Okeefeenokee Swamp, specifically from Folkston, GA South to St. George, west across GA's "heel," across a tiny bit of NE Florida west into Fargo, Ga. and up to Stephen Foster State Park.

The area is sparsely populated .

Mapquest has it as 59.20 miles from Folkston to Fargo. Add the jaunt to Stephen Foster and it's possibly 70 miles or so. I will be bird & herp-watching along the way, so I'm guessing it'll be close to an all-day ride for me.

With the nearest major cities Jacksonville and Savannah and Waycross as the nearest town (and way the heck around the other side of the Okeefeenokee), I'm not really likely to find a touring company or LBS that could provide ground support, am I?

Does anyone know if there is cell phone service at all down there?

I can hear the banjos playing in the distance, so it's not something I want to tackle alone without ground support, is it?