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    I'm the only one allowed to whine

    Ballard Sunday Market Ride

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    No-notice last minute ride alert!

    I've got a yearning for some *really* fresh produce. Planning to head to the Ballard Sunday market, and maybe the Fremont Sunday market, too.

    I'll likely be taking the Interurban MUT and Fremont/Greenwood south and heading west once I get down to the ship canal.

    Anyone interested in meeting along the way or at the Farmers' Market?
    Lunch in Ballard or Fremont?

    Edit to add: or there's the Lake Forest Park Sunday market, right along the Burke-Gilman trail. Hmmm, decisions decisions. LFP is a smaller, less funky market. But it is right off the trail and convenient.
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    Seattle, WA
    It's too bad I'm not in Seattle any more.... I'd have met you at the farmer's market in a heartbeat.

    I miss the Northwest.
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