Hi ladies, I wrote months ago about my itchy arms. The short version was: My arms itch from forearm to shoulder since riding regularly (100 miles weekly). This goes on in hot or cold weather, short or long sleeves, sun or not. I tried antihistamines, cortizone creams, lotions etc. Saw the dermatologist twice. I have no visable rash (except the one caused by the itching!). Dermatologist perplexed, hundreds spent on Rx and non-Rx meds. She called yesterday. Said she thinks it's....brachioradial pruritus. Yikes, whats that?? Seems it starts with nerve compression in the neck, (probably caused by my riding position-head down-looking up) which irritates nerves and causes the itch. Simple huh? So, now I adjust my bike so that I can ride more upright (I have a Giant ocr1 with adjustable stem which I have never bothered to switch). Hopefully this will help with neck pain and "compression". Has anyone else experienced anything like this...even close? I'm so annoyed but relieved that at least I now have something to work with.