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    there are lots of people who don't have celiacs but are sensitive to gluten or wheat. i haven't been tested for celiacs but i know that when i avoid gluten all the terrible pain and various problems i used to have go away. so i figure i have something that makes me sensitive and i am better off without gluten.

    i would get tested though if it was easier for me to do so with my insurance. anything with doctors requires more than an hour in the car and i avoid cars as much as i can.

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    You can have wheat free and dairy free products through gillians foods, Iíve read some of the information about their products Iím a little impressed about it because they produce or make a products that would help some of individuals that suffer from allergic reaction that is from wheat and dairy. You could choose what kind of product you love to eat with, just try it. Iím not promoting or something Iím just hooked up in a kind of food they where making up with thatís why Iím recommending their products. Hope it does help a bit!
    Thanks a lot and have a nice day ahead!

    "A Strategy for Food Allergy Kids to Deal with School"



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