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    north woods of Wisconsin

    Dropping in, saying hello

    Haven't posted in years, but thought I'd drop by and say hello.

    Some of us members from days past left when the forum was constantly besieged with spam and trolls, especially when some of that spam and trolling was sexually abusive. Not sure who gets credit for cleaning that mess up and making this a safe place, now, but I see that Trek 420 has been faithful to the forum for a long time, so maybe that's where credit is due. If so, thank you, Trek 420. If nothing else, I suspect Trek 420 has saved this from from extinction, so thank-you, again.

    Anyway, by way of introduction or re-introduction my name is Joanie and I am a bike and recumbent bike and trike addict. I'm in my 70s, now, and have been struggling with some health issues, but I still ride, both serious trail riding with my mtbs and road riding, both gravel and pavement. There isn't a type of bike that I haven't owned and/or still own and ride, so I'm pretty universal in my cycling tastes. I live in the far north, in serious snow country, so snow biking with fat bikes is also very much a part of our long, snowy winters. So is XC skiing.

    I've now added e-bikes and e-trikes to the collection and learning as I go, same as everyone else going e. Be glad to share what I've learned. Just let me know.

    Given how many bikes I still own, I do most of my own bike repair and maintenance, so if anyone has questions on repair/maintenance, again, let me know. Be glad to help and I'll do my best not to get too geeky.

    Lastly, let me add how important I think it is for women to have a cycling forum where we can feel safe and not threatened and intimidated. Thank-you for that.
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