So, I've been cycling for almost 50 years, and have NEVER run into a problem like this. I ride about 15 miles/day, and have a road bike with a slightly padded seat (1980's era Miyata). I've had this bike since 1981, and used to ride centuries, tours, etc. - spent LOTS more time on the bike in the past. Every time I ride now, I end up with painful pimples in a region of my body where it makes it VERY uncomfortable to sit on the seat. To put it indelicately, my crotch area. Eek! I've talked to medical people who shrug their shoulders and tell me to quit riding. Not happening. I've tried different shorts, different laundry soap, slathering vaseline and antibiotic creams on the affected parts, and thorough cleansing to prevent this. I haven't tried a new seat. These things go away in a few days, but reappear after the first time back in the saddle. Anyone experience anything like this before and have any advice? Thanks.