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    Oct 2020

    Angry Don't Buy Roadmaster - 26 Inches Granite Peak Mountain Bike

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    I bought a Roadmaster off-roader. From the primary ride, this bike had nothing but problems.

    1. On the primary ride, the screw for the brake caliper came off will I used to be in motion. I had to prevent and appearance for all the screws and washers and reassemble on the road

    2. The brake pad on the rear left caliper disintegrated on one side, these will need to get replaced all around.

    3. As I used to be riding back from work, I heard a clicking noise as I used to be pedaling, but didn't really worry about it. Then, I took a pedal, and therefore the crank turned inward. I had to run the bike home about .5 miles. once I got home to look at the bike, the spindle end had sheared clean off! I did contact Pacific Cycles and told them what happened and that they informed me that the vendor isn't a licensed seller of the bike (Only a selected sales outlet beginning with a 'W' should be selling it), but they did send me a brand new spindle and crankset (on this, the service was good and really fast)

    I would have sent the bike back to induce a full refund, but instead, I'll use this chance to brush up and learn some bike mechanic skills for the following bike I buy.

    Overall the parts of this bicycle are quite bad. I do not expect a 90 dollar bike to blow me away, but at the very least it should be ready to hold together for over 2 weeks. About the sole decent parts on there are the frame, the chain, and maybe the handlebar. All the remainder should be thrown away and replaced, but if you're visiting undergo that effort, save your money, and buy an improved bicycle sort of a Diamondback if you wish a more cost-effective entry into cycling.

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    Wwo nice one, thanks for sharing this. This is a good to know information that some can keep.



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