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Thread: Dear So and So

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    I think some people understand the situation on one level, but are frustrated after days with no utilities and limited or no ability to communicate with others. I know after Sandy I had family members who just got tired of being cold and trying to make the best of not being able to cook anything or see without a flashlight after dark. I also remember people reporting power outages to the utility company's facebook page for lack of any other way to contact them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trek420 View Post
    and invite your neighbor over for coffee.

    and i agree NY...There are a lot of emotional and cognitive traumatic stress reactions after disasters like Harvey and Irma that can just be expected. Not saying it’s easy for others to deal with those reactions, but there is an understanding that can help.

    People can also show a number of positive responses in the aftermath though…..resilience and coping, helping save or comfort others, relief and elation at just surviving the disaster and feelings of learning about one's strength and growing from the experience.

    That the continuing survivor problems that come from these disasters will be forgotten by many in just a few weeks is what bothers me.
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    Just to add a positive story: DH and I started back from our hurricane hole in Mississippi, where we spent 6 nights before heading back to Winter Garden, FL. This is a two-day drive, so we spent the night at a small campground outside of Tallahassee. When we pulled in, we were told that there were no utilities as a tree had fallen on their power lines, and without power, no water could be pumped either. We decided to stay and make do for one night since we have a generator in our motorhome; our only real issue was limited drinking water, but we had enough for the one night, just wouldn't get to take showers.

    About an hour after we arrived, four Duke Energy trucks pulled in, and an hour later, the campground had power. Several others there had been four days without power, so they started dancing around, yelling, and clapping. They were soooo happy and thankful for the utility workers! We were too, of course, but we had not been without power for days in advance, which can really wear on you.

    I hope they Duke guys went home happy that night, knowing that their efforts were making people's lives so much better after such a horrible storm!

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    Dear So and So

    Dear Curmudgeon,

    Why dont old people like for kids and dogs to play on their grass?


    The Grass is Always Greener on Old Vets Lawn

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertBycle View Post
    Dear Curmudgeon,

    Why dont old people like for kids and dogs to play on their grass?


    The Grass is Always Greener on Old Vets Lawn
    They can bike through mine.
    So long as the wheels are still turning, life is good.


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    Dear Customers,

    A quick poll on a customer service forum I'm on says that our major pet peeve is the use of "you people", We find that any conversation starting with that is bound to go south. Corporations are NOT people, I'm people most specifically a people who can and will help you if you let me. But that's not my pet peeve. Mine is spelling.

    News flash: I can spell. So if your name is Quigless Wbbbly, say it! I see your name on the account or will when I pull it up. But when you say "My name is Q as in quintessential, U as in undulate, I as in ....." I can see the letters. And if you, like me, have an unusual ethnic name you are used to people mispronouncing it. So give me a break, say it. Otherwise I have to go through the dance of "Do I have this right? Can I call you Quig? Do you prefer Ms Wbbbly?" Believe it or not I can be put on a PIP (personal development plan or the precursor to being fired) for opting out and just using Sir or M'Am. And I'm just trying to keep my nose clean and stay employed for 41 more days till I can start just using up all my vacation before I scram.
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