I am relatively new to triathlon and riding in an aggressive position. ride in a forward-tilted pelvic position on my tri bike and my current saddle is putting pressure on my pubic bone to the point where I have to stop riding after a short amount of time. I’m thinking of going with a split saddle to fix the problem. I measured the distance between my ischial tuberosities and the width is greater than the width of most ISM saddles (my sits bones distance is 140mm). I know the ISM 3.0 PR is 145mm wide but I worry that it will be too soft for long rides. Other ISM saddles are under 140mm wide, but I understand that you will be sitting forward, more on the pubic rami, not so much on the sits bones. And I know some women have success with ISM saddles.

My question is, is it “okay” to buy an ISM or other split nosed saddle if the widest width of that saddle is less than the distance between your sits bones? Thanks!