Real name: Wanda

Where do you live? Lincoln, Nebraska.

Explanation of your handle: At one time I was thinking of legally changing my name to Mom - what with all my kids friends calling me that, and all - and I spend as much time as I can on my bike.

Explanation of your avatar: I'm lazy and I haven't gotten around to finding/creating one yet

Age (general or specific): Late 40's.

Occupation: Indexer, Medical Secretary

Favorite bike: The one I'm on at the moment. (I can be fickle)

What's in your stable? Walter, the 1978 Raleigh 10-speed (he needs some repair work, poor baby)
William, the new Sun EZ Sport recumbent.

Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 34 or so coming down a nice hill by Nebraska City on Walter. We were coming home from a 2-day mini tour and I had full panniers on at the time. I probably should have been scared, as the cross wind was giving the ride some zest, but I have a pretty high guts/brains ratio.
I have hopes of finding a faster hill with William some day soon.

Another picture of yourself or your ride? Some recent ones are at:

What is the biggest lie you've ever told: That's classified.

Most memorable moment on my bike:
Is this a test?
OK, either it was the moment I realized that I could go 'most anywhere on a bike, so maybe I should.
OR it was the time I decided to combine bicycling and walking my doberman. (That guts/brains ratio, again. It worked for us, but don't try it yourself) After that we went many happy/exploratory miles together.
OR my Dad giving me freedom by showing my snotty pre-teen self how to fix a flat - the job needed a wrench or two back then.
OR the time DH & I were riding along talking, and I got a mouthful of used spider web. DH says he's never heard me make THAT combination of sounds before or since.
OR my wobbly first ride home on William. I really wanted to ride him home from the bike shop, so I did.
So many choices...

Most fun ever had on a bike?
Muliple choice again...
That glorious summer that my friends & I spent going to summer school & taking the long way home (from driver's ed.).
OR a certain fall ride just as the foiliage was at its explosive finest.
OR the afore-mentioned mini-tour with DH.
OR the ride I'm on at the moment (I said I could be fickle.) Actually I'm not riding at all for a while, not while there is a layer of ice on everything.