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    Sep 2004
    New Zealand

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    My boyfriend spent a few years as a bike mechanic, and he doesn't let me work on my bike too much. The last time I tried, I rounded out one of the disc mount holes on my brand new set of suspension forks. Ooops

    Oh. And for taking off pedals - for more leverage, try putting a larger pipe (e.g., set of old handlebars, long thin strong pipe) over the handle of the wrench or pedal spanner, and then swinging off that.

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    Nov 2002
    South of Seattle.

    I'm my worst enemy

    My husband does all of the bike maintenance in this family. I have tried (doing things myself or helping hubby) but have always (unintentional I swear) injured myself. I'm a klutz when it comes to tools. I can however change my own tires on both my road and mountain bike. One for me!

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    Feb 2005

    Also newbie....

    Real name: Cheryl Anne

    Where do you live? Stillwater, OK

    Explanation of your handle: PETITE (not short!)

    Explanation of your avatar: what is it?...

    Age (general or specific) 56

    Occupation: engineer in search of job

    Favorite bike: Terry Despatch, recently regeared Shimano Ultegra

    What's in your stable? Only got one, but if I had the bucks I would add the new WS Litespeed. As it is, I am trying to get 2 kids thru college....

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 28, Houston, 2002

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Riding with no helmet, stopped short for kid running out in road...went over handlebars and landed on my head. I was in real PAIN - I couldn't even see - curled up in ball. Heard voice in distance say, I think she's dead....Opened my eyes and was completely encircled by little kids.....I can't remember anything after that, but the guy I was with, who thought it was hilarious, said I muttered, Kids, don't try this at home and weaved my way down the street....

    Most fun I've ever had on my bike: When I got it regeared.

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    Mar 2005
    Fort Lauderdale

    Thumbs up Hello!

    Real name:
    --> Stephanie

    Where do you live?:
    --> Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Explanation of your handle:

    --> i'm steph and i'm 40

    Explanation of your avatar:
    ---> it's hoops season!

    Age (general or specific):
    --> i'm 40

    --> Investment Securities Compliance officer looking for work

    Favorite bike:
    --> my only bike, a Gary Fisher Utopia

    What's in your stable?
    --> see above

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when?:
    I hit 28mph on my trusty hybrid

    Another picture of yourself or your ride?
    --> i have a few but don't know how to post them

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told:
    --> "of COURSE I believe you"...it had to be said at that moment.

    Most memorable moment on my bike:
    Learning to ride my brand new green schwinn on my 5th birthday. my grandpa and my brother stayed outside with me until i could ride it. we don't do training wheels in my family. WOO HOO! what a rush when i did it alone!!! haven't stopped for more than a couple years at a time since. bike=freedom

    Most fun ever had on a bike?:
    riding on Mondays with my friend Robin around Groton and New London CT...or the Mayan riviera tour a few years ago in Mexico.

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    Mar 2005
    Fort Lauderdale


    I spent 11 weeks in Lincoln a couple of years ago...and took my bike. You have the MOST WONDERFUL BIKE TRAIL SYSTEM!!!

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    Jun 2004
    I know. We're spoiled. And it's only gotten better and better in the last several years.

    I'm reduced to complaining about the angle that the trails cross the intersecting roads and those @#$%% polite drivers who stop and wave me across when what I really want is to catch my breath. Life is hard....
    Give big space to the festive dog that make sport in the roadway. Avoid entanglement with your wheel spoke.
    (Sign in Japan)

    1978 Raleigh Gran Prix
    2003 EZ Sport AX

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    Mar 2005
    Benicia, CA
    Real name:Nancy
    Where do you live? Benicia

    Explanation of your handle: Haven't got one yet

    Explanation of your avatar: avatar??....you mean I could have an avatar??

    Age 64

    Occupation: Sales Associate

    Favorite bike: Litespeed, Cannondale

    What's in your stable? 2003 Jamis Quest

    Fastest speed on a road bike? 40+
    Where? Crockett Blvd, Crockett, CA
    When? Feb 2005- windless day

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? Benicia Bicycle Club website- me a year ago! 30 lbs heavier!

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: Weight on past driver's licenses. Wouldn't want anyone to know that one!

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Coming in to the finish line at the end of the Seattle to Portland ride last year- 208 miles in 2days (138 mi 1st day and 50 the 2nd).

    Most fun ever had on a bike? Riding down Franklin Canyon Road (about 5 miles downhill) with about 10 guys (all younger than me) on my tail!

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    Mar 2005
    Earth- Littleton, Colorado

    Smile Who me???

    Real name:Tammy
    I am married, we have two boys, 13yrs and 10, also lets not leave out, we have a dog, Jasmine. She was one of the many strays here, we took her in 2years ago and she is so clever and sweet.

    Where do you live? More like where haven't you lived-
    Homeleave point: Utah Now: Europe/The Med. Before: Austria Next:??? Where ever work sends us.

    Explanation of your handle: AutumnBreez -I love the Autumn/fall it is my favorite season, the air, the temp., the fun, and awe the colors!!
    Full handle -AutumnBreezColordLeavz- But it would not let me enter all that. This is easier for others anyway.

    Explanation of your avatar: My first road bike! Bianchi SL3

    Age (general or specific) : 35

    Favorite bike: Bianchi SL3

    What's in your stable? My favorite bike

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? I don't have a cyclocomputer, I would imagine being new. not so fast ...25 mph is what my husband says

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? more pics of me at: http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/forum/member.php?u=698

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: ummmm...well, um I was a teenager and not alway doing what one should and covering up for oneself is common when you don't want to get caught. Nothing drastic, but I did the "don't call me, because I told my mom I was with you" story.

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Younger years:
    As a kid I used to ride my 10speed for long rides and fantasized about riding with a team as an adult.
    Here I am as an adult training, getting ready for that future team. Don't have many stories yet, still new to cycling and clipless. I did a loop yesterday 3rd day of having bike (15miles) on my own, much of which was on a busy road. I was scared at first, but had to do it... It felt so good to accomplish it. I called my husband at work as soon as I got to the house!

    Most fun ever had on a bike? see most memorable moment.
    Last edited by AutumnBreez; 03-08-2005 at 05:05 AM.
    Holistic Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist

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    Feb 2003
    California Bay Area

    Me in a nutshell

    Real name: Jean

    Where do you live? Santa Cruz, CA

    Explanation of your handle: Cruzie is an affectionate name for people living in Santa Cruz.

    Explanation of your avatar: It just called to me although thankfully I don't look like this little guy! I think it's just that I'm neither fast nor fearsome on my bike, I just keep pedaling and eventually I get there.

    Age (general or specific) 51

    Occupation: Retired Human Resources manager

    Favorite bike: My Trek 2300 WSD

    What's in your stable? See above

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? I think I hit 42mph one day flying down a hill on Hwy 1...scared the stuffin' out of me and so I decided I just wasn't made for those kinds of speeds

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: I 'm a lousy liar

    Most memorable moment on my bike: My very first biking tour in Provence. It was about 80 degrees, gorgeous sun. I rode around a corner and there in front of me was an enormous field of sunflowers and in the distance was Mt. Ventoux. Simply gorgeous.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? Pedalling through little villages in France, stopping for a coffee and chatting with the locals. It just doesn't get any better than that.

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    Mar 2005
    Earth- Littleton, Colorado

    Focused on my new bike soo much

    So proud and focused on my new baby.
    I really was not thinking when I read....
    Whats in your stable? Total of 8 bikes actually, we have our own lil bike shop goin'. Front entry sometimes looks like one. We don't have a garage so they are in the house.
    My new baby Bianchi, plus I also own a MTB, Ideal DS Full suspension. The kids also have MTB Ideal FS bikes.
    My husband got a new road bike (last tax returns), Bianchi ML3, and three Cannondales, one road-Profile, and the other two are MTB. Craziness.
    Holistic Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist

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    Mar 2005
    Real name: Sherry
    Where do you live? Juniper Hills, CA

    Explanation of your handle: French for Free Spirit.
    Explanation of your avatar: http://www.avatara.org/essay.html
    Following the former, I think mine would have to be the Universe

    Age (general or specific) 49 - Nov 25th

    Occupation: Trades Supervisor

    Favorite bike: My pink Schwinn with the high handlebars and banana seat. Circa 1965.

    What's in your stable? 1990something Raleigh M80 Mtn Bike
    2005 Specialized Dolce Vita Multi-Sport

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 35.5 (so far)/ Fort Tejon Rd. Juniper Hills/3-10-05

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? I'll look but no promises.

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: See: "Another picture of yourself or your ride?"

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Devils Punchbowl - To the Devil's Chair - 2001 - Alone, couldn't believe I made it especially after taking a spill about halfway there. When I got there, I took a long break. Breathed in the fresh air and the natural beauty all around. For the most part, it was quiet -no rumbling of the city - then I heard the sound of an eagle crowing and looked to find it soaring into the Devils' chair and back up again then down and up again as if it was dancing in the air for an audience.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? Is this a family sight?

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    Nov 2004
    Beaverton, Oregon

    been meaning to do this...

    Real name: LisaKaren
    Where do you live? Beaverton, Oregon

    Explanation of your handle: LisaKaren and I just ride... nothing special to say..no amazing talents.. I like to ride to work and errands in town. I've ridden group road rides and alone. Ride tandem with my husband now that the daughter has gotten older. I just like to ride. (haven't tried mtn...maybe this summer.)

    Explanation of your avatar: when i make one I'll let you know

    Age 45

    Occupation: School Library Media Assistant

    Favorite bike: My old-reliable-poorly-fitted-heavy-as-sin Univega Gran Rally circa 1976. My spouse finally got me off of it with a gift certificate last Christmas, and now I have a new 1500 trek wsd road. (I couldn't quite part with the Univega, however, and now my daughter who has grown a little taller that I am is riding it!)

    What's in your stable? Too many bikes for a single car garage. The above mentioned as well as our Burley Duet Tandem and a "towner" hybrid bike for the errands and such. (Plus my hubby's two bikes and my son's bike and my daughter's other bike and a "project" vintage tandem. Yikes! guess we'll have to throw out the lawn mower.

    Fastest speed on a road bike? downhill.

    Picture of yourself digital pix i don't have.

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: That I don't know much about riding...then I started counting the years and miles.....

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Our first kinda "long" ride was the Monster Cookie Metric century out of Salem Oregon, and we didn't have very good gear. My husband was "pulling" our daughter (9 yrs old)on a tagalong bike and I was riding myself. It was a tail wind for the entire first half of the ride....then we turned around. Uh oh. The weather turned ugly...rain and wind. We got cold and bone tired but my daughter kept us going. She kept singing ....Zippety do dah, zippety ay...my oh my what a wonderful day... I remembered that it was all about having FUN. We made it to the end, got our monster cookie, and are still riding.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? It's always more fun on a bike.
    Last edited by lkrider; 03-13-2005 at 09:09 PM.
    be happy ride a bike--LK

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    Mar 2005
    Real name: Alison
    Where do you live? Cleveland Heights, OH

    Explanation of your handle: On Usenet, there are often many Alisons in a given newsgroup and/or it's preferred that you post your location with every message, so I've gotten in the habit of signing my name and state: Alison (in OH)

    Explanation of your avatar: That's the bride topper from my wedding cake. The groom was a little green worm in a tophat.

    Age (general or specific) Let's just say I'm in the throes of a quarter-life crisis. OK, I'm 25.

    Occupation: Chemistry department secretary

    Favorite bike: I loves me my funky custom steel bike, but if I could get my hands on anything with modern components (ie DA 10-speed) I'd be a happy camper!

    What's in your stable? My bike was custom-built by a master builder in the Waterford factory, I bought him used some 5 or 6 years ago. He's a 52 cm steel beauty, I posted his picture in the "do you name your bike" thread (I've called him Spartacus for years). DH has a slew of Cannondales (his current race bike is a Six13) plus his rain bike and single speed built on no-name frames...I can't keep up though, he's constantly buying and selling bikes on eBay!

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? Last season I clocked speeds in the 30s every time I did a particular descent into the Chagrin River Valley (the local stomping grounds for road riding). On the flat, I seem to recall hitting 27 on the way out to the valley.

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? Just the one for now.

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: I'm not that much of a liar.

    Most memorable moment on my bike: It's not a pleasant memory, but I'll never forget bonking about 10 miles from home last fall. *shudder* I was miserable, and could barely even stand -- I had to walk my bike up everything with the slightest incline, fortunately I was only one rise away from coasting all the way home.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? Man, I have a blast every time I go out, but especially when I'm riding with a fast group and keeping up at 18+ mph on the climbs...
    Last edited by alison_in_oh; 03-15-2005 at 06:15 AM.

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    trayc is offline love the wind in my hair
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    Mar 2005
    Real name: Tracey
    Where do you live? Lake Charles, LA

    Explanation of your handle: just used a different version of real name, I know not very imaginative

    Explanation of your avatar:What the heck is an avatar??

    Age (general or specific) 42
    Occupation: teacher
    Favorite bike: At this point in my riding career, any road bike will do.

    What's in your stable? Trek 7100 hybrid

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? Just started riding so anything feels fast right now.

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? I don't have very many pixs of myself - I hate having my pix taken

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: The one I haven't told yet!!!

    Most memorable moment on my bike: My first organized ride, where I went 35 miles, cryed when I got to the last sag and realized I couldn't get off my bike and then the feeling of elation when I finished the ride and actually made it!!! Nothing like the first time!!
    Most fun ever had on a bike? Don't think I have had my most fun on my bike yet!

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    Dec 2004
    Washington State
    Real Name: Beth
    Where do you live: Washington State
    Explanation of your handle: Reference state that I reside in.
    Explanation of your Avatar: When I tried to add my avatar, I got a message that it wouldn't fit. (shrug)

    Age: Old enough to know better, but doing it anyway....

    Occupation: Personal Trainer

    Favorite Bike: Would really, really like a road bike...given to me.

    What's in your stable: Specialized Hardrock, circa 1996?

    Fastest speed on a bike: Don't know...probably right before I crashed.

    Picture of myself: Don't have any to post right now.

    What's the biggest lie you've ever told? No, this isn't new, I've had it for ages. (about anything that my husband askes about).

    Most memorable moment on a bike: Probably my spectacular crash when visiting Whistler B.C. Nothing was broken, but I still have scars.

    Most fun I've ever had on a bike: Hopefully, that's still in my future.



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