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    Feb 2005
    Mountain View, CA

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    Real name: Melody

    Where do you live? Mountain View, CA, USA, Terra, Sol System

    Explanation of your handle: duh :P

    Explanation of your avatar: No avatar yet

    Age (general or specific): Born Sept 1972. Actual age is an exercise left to the reader

    Occupation: Systems Engineer, Programmer & Architect

    Favorite bike: Right now? My Bianchi Imola

    What's in your stable? Hrm. Mine are a Bianchi Imola and a Specialized Rock Hopper. My hubby has a Cervelo Soloist 105, an SEI(mumble) 200(mumble) Kestrel frame that he's building and a single gear cruiser (forget the make/model)

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 27.8 MPH. On a downhill today. I could have gone faster if the slow car didn't get in front of me :P

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? No pic of me on the bike yet.

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: Uhm. I won't go into that, but it was on April's fool and it was meant as a joke played on my sisters. Let's just say it didn't go over well.

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Not crashing and dying today while getting used to clipless peddles for the first time.... while riding over 11 miles. :P

    Most fun ever had on a bike? Everytime I'm on the bike! It's great!

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    Nov 2002
    South of Seattle.
    Real name: Susan

    Where do you live? Bonney Lake, WA

    Explanation of your handle: Gee let's see . . . my name and some special numbers

    Explanation of your avatar: I liked the wheels

    Age (general or specific) 51

    Occupation: Library Media Assistant and building computer tech in a wonderful middle school.

    Favorite bike: Tie between my trek road bike and my trek XC full suspension mountain bike

    What's in your stable? Trek 2200 WSD road bike and a Fuel EX7 WSD full suspension mountain bike

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 48 miles an hour, going down Stevens Pass during the third day of the Courage Classic, August 2003.

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? Lots of pictures of me on my road bike and my old hardtail mountain bike at my web site. No pictures yet of me on my new mountain bike. I just got the new full suspension bike this month as a birthday present from my husband. I've only ridden it four times!

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: Me lie? LOL never! And if you believe that well I have some nice land for sale with a gorgeous view of Mount Saint Helens

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Finishing the RAMROD last July at the ripe old age of 50! What's the RAMROD? It's an acroynm for Ride Around Mount Rainier In One Day. 157 miles in one day and over 10,000 feet of climbing.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? My annual 4 day weekend camping trip to Devil's Gulch with my husband and a group of friends! We enjoy four days of great epic rides during the day and great stories at night around the campfire!

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    Feb 2005
    Real name: Cindy

    Where do you live? Walnut Creek (San Francisco Bay Area), CA

    Explanation of your handle: not too original: it's my first and middle name

    Explanation of your avatar: I need to get one!

    Age (general or specific): 34

    Occupation: student and research assistant

    Favorite bike: ?

    What's in your stable? I have two road bikes: GT (set up for commuting) and a Specialized Allez.

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 38mph, down Bear Creek Road, last week. All I could envision was blood on the pavement.

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? coming....

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: telling people I was happily married when my husband was a $#*@! I'm single now!

    Most memorable moment on my bike: falling over on top of another club rider when I couldn't clip out.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? Cinderella ride 2002 (my first organized ride)


    Team Luna Chix

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    Feb 2005

    Let's make this a separate forum

    What a great idea. I'd hate to see it get lost in the shuffle! Can we make it it's own forum category?
    Last edited by cindysue; 03-01-2005 at 11:38 AM.


    Team Luna Chix

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    Aug 2001
    Hillsboro, Oregon


    I've made this thread sticky so now it should stay stuck at the top of the Open Topic forum. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Sep 2004
    Albuquerque, NM

    Admin you ROCK!!!

    Thank you so much for "sticking" this on the top! no more copying and pasting!!! wheeeeeee

    ps admin: I don't see YOU on this thread!! LOL......you can even use "admin" as your name if you wish!
    Last edited by CorsairMac; 03-01-2005 at 03:58 PM.
    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming: "Yeah Baby! What a Ride!"

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    Jan 2005
    Real name: Melisa

    Where do you live? Scottsdale, AZ

    Explanation of your handle: It became my nickname when my son realized I had a name besides "Mom".

    Explanation of your avatar: I need to get one, I think!

    Age (general or specific): Just turned 36

    Occupation: Wife, mom, oh, yea, and a Database Marketing Consultant for a hotel chain

    Favorite bike: I have only one, its the first one I've ever bought myself and I really, really, really like it. Its a Trek Madone 5.2

    What's in your stable? My trek, and a mountain bike my husband bought me a number of years back that my son is now riding.

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 26.8, last Saturday. I haven't been riding long and it was an awesome feeling.

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? I don't have any riding pictures, but I have a running one, wanna see that?

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: me, lie?

    Most memorable moment on my bike: Well, I haven't had many, but the first time I was able to complete an entire ride without landing on my butt because I forgot to unclip stands out right now.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? Every day is fun because its all new!

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    Jan 2004
    San Jose, CA
    Haven't posted in a while. Heck, I haven't even ridden my bike in a while.

    Real name: Melissa

    Where do you live? San Jose, California

    Explanation of your handle: When I joined this forum, I was in such a hurry to post that I couldn't come up with anything more original.

    Explanation of your avatar: Doh! No avatar.

    Age (general or specific): 40 and a half. Er, make that 40 and three quarters.

    Occupation: Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    Favorite bike: Trek 5200

    What's in your stable? Trek 5200 WSD (road), Trek 6700 WSD (mountain), 20 year old Bianchi Limited with 12 speeds and friction shifting (sentimental favorite)

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? Dunno, but I reckon over 30 on some downhill.

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? Nope, I'm camera shy.

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: When I was a technical support engineer, I told a customer that my mom wrote the software manual that he had been berating for 5 minutes straight. That got him to be quiet, and I eventually 'fessed up that my mom didn't really write the manual.

    Most memorable moment on my bike: 1st place: finishing my first century on my trusty Bianchi.
    2nd place: breaking my femur while riding my trusty Bianchi

    Most fun ever had on a bike? 1st place: My brother and I went on a weekend camping trip with a bicycle touring group. Each day we did a 50 mile ride thru some of the most beautiful scenery on earth, plus we got to talk about meaningful things and laugh like crazy over other not-so-meaningful things. (Again, on the trusty Bianchi.)
    2nd place: Doing a couple of WOMBATS (mountain biking) clinics with Jacquie Phelan. (On the trusty Trek mtn. bike.)
    3rd place: Doing the Cinderella Training Series last year. (On the trusty Trek road bike.)

    Sheesh, now I just need to go out and RIDE!

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    Dec 2003
    Folsom CA
    Hey stranger, nice to hear from you!

    2009 Lynskey R230 Houseblend - Brooks Team Pro
    2007 Rivendell Bleriot - Rivet Pearl

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    Sep 2004
    New Zealand
    Real name: Celia

    Where do you live? Dunedin, New Zealand

    Explanation of your handle: I made it up when I was joining another MTB forum: www.vorb.org.nz. "Psyc" because I study Psychology, and "havoc" just because that's what I tend to wreak!

    Explanation of your avatar: My pet rabbit, Monty

    Age (general or specific): 22 (yes, I believe I am a youngun..)

    Occupation:PhD student - studying Psychology (more specifically, mathematical models of behaviour)

    Favorite bike: Mmmmm.. my Heckler

    What's in your stable? At the moment, the Santa Cruz Heckler, and a half built up and repainted Giant ATX890 frame. I am also in the process of selling my Avanti Sprint roadie because I bought it and it was too big for me.

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? Considering the road bike never made it off the windtrainer, I don't think I was going very fast at all

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? Oooh. I'll see if I can attach some piccys below. One of my Heckler, and another of me riding my bike around the blue lake at St. Bathan's here in NZ.

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: (Probably not the biggest lie, but one I am willing to share!..) An ex-boyfriend once asked me "Is this a rebound relationship?" when I started dating him 5 days after my previous boyfriend broke up with me. And I answered "no, of course not". And he believed me. Boys are strange.

    Most memorable moment on my bike: When I was coming down the hill with no brakes on my flatmate's bike in the dark with no lights on (naughty girl!), and came around the corner, met a car coming round the other way with its headlights on, decided to move over a little bit more to the side of the road to give the car more room in case it didn't see me.. and ended up head over heels in the ditch in the side of the road. Luckily, the car stopped and the driver of the car took me to hospital, where I proceeded to wait for 2 hours before someone could see me. I was lucky though - only came out with a fat lip, a lot of grazes and a slight concussion.

    Most fun ever had on a bike? When I finally learnt how to bunnyhop and master clipless pedals. Sad I know.
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    Feb 2005
    Real name: Ronnie

    Where do you live? Austin, Texas

    Explanation of your handle: lack of creativity

    Explanation of your avatar: avatar??....you mean I could have an avatar??

    Age (general or specific) 45 in the summer of 2005

    Occupation: Mom, wife, home schooler, special education volunteer advocate

    Favorite bike: Don't know enough yet to have one. For now, it would be one with 2 good wheels, a comfy saddle, and working gears.

    What's in your stable? an old, old old, Bianchi mountain bike, and a spanking new Fugi something or another.

    Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? Aboutn 28 mph with the breaks on slightly, going down a hill here in Austin. I don't care for too much speed going down hills...the idea of a wreck is most unappealing! My adrenaline loving husband calls me a weeny. SO be it.

    Another picture of yourself or your ride? None yet.

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: Hmmm - not sure I want to confess!

    Most memorable moment on my bike: On my first long ride at about mile 18 I had one foot unclipped while standing in a turn lane on a busy road during a red light. I was waiting to turn left. As I stood there I just began to loose my balance and began falling on my clipped in side. I couldn't unclip and began to fall into on coming traffic. As I looked up about half way through my fall, I could see a city bus coming towards me. At this time my husband is frantically trying to grab me, but he too has one foot clipped in ( the one closest to me) and he can't quite get me. I fall, tangled in my bike, left foot still clipped in, and can see that as long as the bus stays it's course it will miss my head by about 18 ". I am calm. My husband is freaking out as he can't see this. The bus passes, I am fine, my husband picks me up. We cross the street. We stop. My husband leans over and punches me in the arm! "Don't you EVER do that to me again!" he yells with such a look of fear on his face. Hours later he still wasn't OK. Guess I better practice clipping in and out!

    Most fun ever had on a bike? I just love getting out on the road - the wind and the sun....I feel such freedom. SOOOOOO much better than running.

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    Dec 2004
    DuPage Co IL
    Hey, Austinrider, that is a totally scary story for us clipless novices! I haven't gotten out on the road with my new pedals yet. I'm going to be extra, extra cautious!!! Welcome to the forum!

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    Mar 2005
    Southampton, UK
    Hi Nuthatch

    Just about to brave the clipless thing too... everyone keeps telling me how bruised I'm gonna get, but I've stocked up on Arnica! Most embarrassing this is, got my pedals but completely failed on fitting them myself, hate being defeated and having to ask someone with a bit more muscle to help!

    Oops.. was intending to fill in my getting to know you thingamy bob... although all a bit new to me

    Real name: Gael

    Where do you live? UK

    Explanation of your handle: My nickname

    Explanation of your avatar: it fits

    Age (general or specific): 33

    Occupation: Journalist

    Favorite bike: No idea really, but love my Marin

    What's in your stable? That's it at the moment, but getting seducedd by the thought of a road bike to avoid the mud int he winter

    Fastest speed on a road bike? No idea

    Another picture of yourself or your ride?

    What is the biggest lie you've ever told: My brother and I used to go walking across the mudflats on the river where we grew up and swore blind to my mum we knew the special paths the fishermen used so she needn't worry about us getting stuck int he mud!

    Most memorable moment on my bike: cool ride in spain which involved a swim mid-ride

    Most fun ever had on a bike? How boring am I, nothing sticks out... quite like getting muddy as long as the bike doesn't get clogged up

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    Dec 2004
    DuPage Co IL
    Welcome, Tigger! Are you talking about taking old pedals off and putting the new ones on in regards to muscle? You should have seen me cursing the wrench, the bike, the pedals as I tried to power the pedal nut one direction and the pedals spun the other direction. I'm sure wiser heads would have said, well why didn't you just lay the bike down on it's side to get better leverage? but I was too lazy to take it off the trainer and too stubborn to ask for help. I'm going to have to take a training course in maintenance and repair!

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    Mar 2005
    Southampton, UK
    Sounds like me - yep getting the old pedals off proved beyond me, I hate having to ask for help... maintenance is definitely not my strong point, but I feel doubly embarrassed asking my boyfriend to help, especially as a) he expected I would need his help and offered to fit them for me b) I said oh I'm sure I can manage! Too much pride I guess...



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