Real name: Casey
Where do you live? San Leandro, CA

Explanation of your handle: My boyfriend and I were dreaming of a tandem right before I signed up for the forum. I was to be the Admiral (or the stoker) and I was going to sing to him to get him through the long rides we would take. Therefore: Admiral Finch. Plus, I just like thinking of myself with a long beard and a stuffy captain's uniform. ha ha.

Explanation of your avatar: I still don't understand how to put one on.

Age (general or specific) 25. 26 in march. ooooh yah.

Occupation: lead auditor, but I'm a writer. a poet, actually. i just have to work for money.

Favorite bike: mmm. Independent Fabrication. any of those. don't I wish.

What's in your stable? 2002 Lemond Buenos Aires. Red. Name is Hen. One unicycle. One Raleigh M80.

Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 45. out on a ride alone near lake chabot. must have been in... july last year.. i had my computer set on something other than speed and when i got home I checked the settings and BAM! There it was. I had never gone above 30 before that day.

Another picture of yourself or your ride? I don't understand this question. I'm 5'3, blonde, and I ride a red bike... if I knew how to post pics, I would, but I don't cause I'm dorky.

What is the biggest lie you've ever told: That I made 45mph. ha ha. no. not really. I can't remember right now. which should tell you something...

Most memorable moment on my bike: Riding for the first time at night and being completely alone on a trail, without lights around me, and feeling like I was flying.

Most fun ever had on a bike? Oh man. I don't know. Everytime I'm on I feel great and I have a blast. It's those endorphins. They make every thing great. The Breast Cancer Fund's Ride for the Cure was awesome. It was pretty fun. Cinderella this year is going to be a blast.