Here it is ladies! Got this off another bike forum and had great fun! Just copy and paste then change to fit you!

Real name: Kathie
Where do you live? Albuquerque, New Mexico

Explanation of your handle: I think the F4U-Corsair is one of the most awesome planes ever built and my father was flight engineer for the last Corsair outfit to fly in the Navy. The Mac is part of my last name.

Explanation of your avatar: avatar?? mean I could have an avatar??

Age (general or specific) 46 on Dec 15th!

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Favorite bike: would Love either a Rivendell or a Luna.

What's in your stable? Trek Navigator 200 2004

Fastest speed on a road bike? where? when? 28.5, riding on one of the many bike trails here in Abq, 2004.

Another picture of yourself or your ride? I don't have very many pixs of myself - I hate having my pix taken

What is the biggest lie you've ever told: I can't remember, which means I've either told too many, or I don't lie! (I'll let ya'll pick!)

Most memorable moment on my bike: I just got back into riding in Aug of this year and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I took a 30 mile ride on my birthday and saw a Bald Eagle. He wasn't that far up and was flying in lazy circles between the bike trail and the Rio Grande. It was the first time I had ever seen a Bald Eagle outside captivity. He was awe-inspiring and one of the most majestic creatures I had ever seen. I will carry that memory with me the rest of my life.

Most fun ever had on a bike? I got lost trying to find a trailhead recently and ended up in this neighbourhood of HUGE homes that I didn't even know existed. I had a blast riding around and looking at the houses!