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    Jul 2005
    Leelanau Peninsula and Chicago

    Florida riding - Miami area

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    Does anyone know if there are good road rides around Miami or anywhere in the southern part of Florida? I would like to take a long weekend and go somewhere warm with bike to get out of this cold north weather.

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    Feb 2007
    Denver Metro
    Hey I am in Ft.Lauderdale, and there are tons of group rides in ft.lauderdale and miami.

    If you let me know what your average speed is, I can point you in the right direction as to rides.
    The majority of the group rides down here are fast(mid to high 20s with pacelines and sprints into the 30s), they are usually shorter rides- about 40miles but fast.

    There is also a group called South Broward Wheelers, if you google them you can find their website, and they are more of a touring group. They have groups that go out at different levels, at slower paces and their rides are posted on their site. I have never riden with them, but a lady who works out at my gym is a member and she loves it.

    So let me know and I am more then happy to help you out!!

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    Jul 2004
    My BF lives and rides in Miami. Our favorite ride goes through Coconut Grove, down Bayshore Drive and then out to Key Biscayne -- all the way out to Bill Baggs park. There are wide shoulders and TONS of cyclists doing that route, so cars are used to seeing bikes. On the way back from Key Biscayne, turn into Virginia Key park (free for bikes) for another few miles and another chance to see the ocean.
    For 3 days, I get to part of a thousand other journeys.



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