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    Sep 2006
    Oslo, Norway

    invsblwmn in hospital!

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    Just in case y'all aren't reading the "officially a bike commuter"-thread - invsblwmn is in hospital after being run down by a suv

    I'm going to meddle and repost her story here:

    "when the boss threatens to fire u if u ever get near a bike again...
    good news.. i'm alive

    i am typing this from my hospital bed, been here since last wednesday. have had two surgeries on my right arm, have at least 3 more over the next few months. can't walk, but should be able to in the next few weeks. going home today or tomorrow in a wheelchair, still w/ unbelievable pain. thinking about hanging up the bike. got hit in a crosswalk by an 80 year old man going over 40mph in a suv who didn't even see that there was a light. plain lucky to be alive. happened right in front of hospital, so docs were there in less than a minute and a fire fighter stabilized me until then. i have lots of support as i work at this hospital, but i miss riding so much. not looking 4 pity, just support and understanding. no head injuries or torso, just back and limbs (left arm works and has iv lines fot morphine and antibiotics). do u think i should get back on?"
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    Jul 2007
    Rhode Island
    Wow. How discouraging! I hope you recover fully and are back to good health again as soon as possible!

    Thanks for reposting her post.

    I can do five more miles.

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    Oct 2005
    Shelbyville, KY
    Gosh, what an awful experience. I hope you heal quickly and pain subsides with each passing minute. Hang in there and take care of yourself.

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    Jul 2005
    Holy cow!!

    Lots of healing thoughts headed your way.

    Electra Townie 7D

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    Oct 2006
    Salt Lake City, UT
    invsblwmn, give yourself time to heal. Getting hit by a car takes a toll, physically and mentally. I am glad you are going home and can rest and heal. YOU ARE ALIVE. When it is time for you to get back in the saddle, you will know if/when it is 'right'. I hope you don't end up giving up riding. Good luck in your healing process....

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    Sep 2006
    Washington, DC

    Yikes. First order of business is to take care of yourself and heal. Get better soon. Like sbctwin says, you'll know when the right time for biking is.

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    Aug 2006
    Oh dear! Yes, first order is healing. I'm so sorry that you are going through this.

    If you want to ride again, then RIDE AGAIN! Riding for me, after my wreck, has been great therapy. (mine was different because I wasn't hit by a car) You will ride differently, but you will still find the joy that you get from riding! Hang in there!!!!!

    Let me know if there's anything that I can help you with.
    "Being retired from Biking...isn't that kinda like being retired from recess?" Stephen Colbert asked of Lance Armstrong

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    Jun 2006
    Newport, RI
    What a horrible accident! I'll be thinking about you on my ride today. Big Hugs!

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    Apr 2006
    I'm the only one allowed to whine
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    Jan 2005
    Vernon, British Columbia
    Big, gentle blue, green and cream butterflies helping you heal completely and quickly. And, when you're ready to think about riding again, bright orange butterflies to give you confidence and visibility on your bike!


    Thank you for posting, lph!

    Hugs and butterflies,
    The butterflies are within you.

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    Dec 2005
    around Seattle, WA

    Hope you get to feeling better, and back on your bike when you're ready.

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    Jul 2006
    Flagstaff AZ
    God how awful - wishing you many healing thoughts!

    And, should you ride again - of course, it is like riding a horse, you fall, you get back on! Think back to all the wonderful experiences you had on your bike - and all the good things healthwise that come from it. Keep thinking of the positive and you will fall in love with your bike again! It might take a while to get over the fear, but it will be worth it.


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    Apr 2005
    Vancouver, BC
    (gentle) hug to you, hope you recover soon...

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    Mar 2007
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Oh, wow...how terribly scary. I'm glad you are going to be all right...sending best wishes for speedy healing of all kinds...physical and otherwise.
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    Sep 2006
    Central Indiana
    How awful!!!! I'm so sorry about your accident. I hope you're feeling better very, very soon. I hope that you're eventually ready--both physically and emotioanally--to get back on your bike. Just give yourself some time to heal.


    Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.

    --Mary Anne Radmacher



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