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    Desert (morning) Winter Wear

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    Itís not like we live in the Midwest or anything like that. But.....it is general about 25 degrees in the mornings during the winter. I'm wonder, what do you wear? Generally my core is too warm and my face, feet and hands are really cold. Oh, and not to mention the joy of all joys, seems I'm getting arthritis in my knees, so they are very susceptible to cold.

    A little early I know, as it is only getting to be normal temps, so any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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    Apr 2007
    I like to get some wind-resist gloves and foot covers, and in those put the warmers that they have at REI and those places, it makes the rides just amazing, and then you don't feel like your freezing and sweating all at the same time. Also, a beanie makes a huge difference! Keeping the wind off your core will keep your temp up, too, and that will help keep everything feeling warmer.

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    Jul 2006
    sunny scottsdale, az

    i once read that pros say to always keep your knees warm because they have no insulation at all. in the coldest part of (our) winter i wear long sleeve jersey, with base layer under and vest over, full tights over regular shorts, toe covers on my shoes, long gloves, and a head band looking thing that i cover my ears and chin with. i dont like balaclavas, but DH always wears one.

    my toes and fingers are ALWAYS freezing, but i figure there's nothing you can do about it.

    when it's not too cold i just do the arm and leg warmer thing so i can shed layers as it warms up.

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