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Thread: "New" Bike

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    "New" Bike

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    Over this summer DH and I were shopping in one of the LBS and I fell in love with the Bianchi Cross Concept. We looked in 7 to 8 stores to find my size, all stores were sold out. We made many other calls to other stores and even contacted Bianchi themselves and they said they no longer had my size for this year and supposedly were not going to have any for 08 either. I am of average height, 5'7" so I didn't understand. Well DH searched on EBay and found the frame size and we bought. This was in June. Well we finally got the last part for it (the crank which took close to a month due to the person sending it to the wrong address)and DH finished putting it together last night. I took it just for a short ride as I am supposed to be resting my leg. This bike is awesome... Her name is Viageo ( I hope I spelled it right, it is supposed to mean journey in Italian)

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    Pictures! We want pictures!
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    Congrats and most excellent name for her!

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