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    horse items for sale

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    Alright, I know none of this is cycling related(except that I have decided to focus all my time right now on the bike and give up the working student position that I had at the barn, b/c with school and work I can only do one and the bike is where I want to be right now).
    So I am selling all of my horse stuff so I can get race wheels and also a TT bike(hehehe I have discovered a new love!)

    I am at work, so PM me if you want pictures and more info!

    Vogel Custom Tall Boots(my feet are 8 1/2 and I am 5'6, I will measure them if you want)- Only been worn for 2 shows and a couple break in rides, asking $700.00 obo(they still need to drop!!)

    Vogel Custom Tall Boots w/ Zippers- Only been worn twice, they were my mom's- she is a size 7 foot and 5'7(skinny leg, with the zippers, they can be cut down to fit someone who has a shorter leg)-asking $900 obo

    Butet Saddle- 17" with knee pads it is about 6 years old, super comfy!! asking $1600.00obo

    Grand Prix Jacket(not sure of size, I will edit this when I get home) like grey with peach piping around collar- asking $125

    Grand Prix Jacket- Navy with window pane blue pattern. In good Condition, always Dry Cleaned asking $100.00

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    omg! Don't sell your Vogels!!! I have had mine for like 13 years now and they are the best boots I have ever had! You'll get back into riding... (horse's anyway), and there are other ways to save money. I suppose you could pick ONE pair of vogels to sell... but keep your favorites! You'll regret it if you don't!

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    I totally agree. KEEP YOUR BOOTS! I've kept mine for 30 years - only my calves are so much more muscular (that's what I keep telling myself, anyway). I didn't ride for 15 years, but when I was ready to start again, I had my boots. EBay is a great place for horse stuff - I sold all my daughter's show clothes this summer and did very well. Also, Tacktrader.
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    i agree. keep the boots.

    mine are 15 yrs old and in need of replacement, but i'm hanging onto them (not that i'd be able to sell them for much) to get me by until i start riding more again. if i had new ones, i for sure would be keeping them! cycling really hasn't affected my calf size, because they are pretty much always one of my skinniest parts. i bet you could still make them fit down the road.

    the price keeps going up too, so it'd be tougher to get new ones later if you sold these.



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