Also, many cell phones have the capability to store memos or to send text there someone you can send the plate# to?

This came in useful for me a little over a week ago. My sister and I were taking the bike path home from the store after dark. It's mostly a very safe path b/c it is bike-only (peds, etc. have a separate path) and it has few intersections. The cars at the intersections are generally very bike aware... however, we always have good lights and slow way down and prepare for anything. This night we slowed, looked, no cars. We had a green light. My sister started across the intersection when suddenly I saw a black truck making a left turn *very fast* from the major road running parallel right into her. He had no headlights but taillights on, it looked like he had smashed headlights. I yelled !!!!CAR!!!! She sprinted and luckily she's quick. He missed her by maybe an inch, didn't ever hit his brakes. My instinct was to look at the plate, I said it aloud and kept repeating it under my breath. The driver apparently heard this, pulled out from the street he'd been on and in front of us, slowed, not sure if he was being aggressive, dumb, or just drunk, but he waited a moment, peeled out onto a residential street and parked. My sis was white and trembling, so we pulled to the side of the road and called the police (they normally file a dangerous driver report, but they said they'd send an officer out to contact the driver due to the circumstances). I hope they got the guy, but I was glad I'd trained myself to immediately notice and remember the plate.

My strategy is probably unique, but here we have a combination of three letters followed by three numbers. I try to remember them separately. Since I work in tech, I can usually relate the letters to an acronym, or failing that, I sound it out and come up with a word that it makes me think of. Last resort, I make it into an acronym myself, usually something snarky about the driver. LWA = Late for Work Again, etc. The numbers, I try to notice a pattern. 642, I think 6 minus 4 is 2. Or I tie them to an address or phone #, an age, a year. I've found that this helps me remember better. It is easy to remember a plate # up until the point when you're on the phone with police and then ... um ... ??? It's something I practice every day though.

Stay safe everyone...