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    I need lots of energy but cannot eat normal food (unlike the guys who stop for pizza). I use gu or a knockoff and Accel gel (which has some protein in it) - alternating. I find I actually feel better with the Accel, so I'm not just eating sugar. At breaks, a nab a banana every now and then and peanutbutter on century rides (stored in little plastic bags). To drink, I swear by Cytomax. The key is timing for me - start drinking in first 5-10 minutes - if you wait until you are thirsty, you are dehydrating. I then start a gel in 40 minutes and do every 40 minutes or so (or a banana). Particularly on long rides, you need to keep the fuel up!

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    THANKS! 111 Miles Finished!

    I listened to all your advice & tried a few things the last weeks before the ride. It was well worth the effort. I wound up eating gels - GU Espresso! and Hammergel (no simple sugar), bananna & orange slices at the rest stops, water, and Sustained energy drink. I needed something additionally salty around mile 95.

    I didn't break any speed records but finished the ride feeling good! My avg was almost 14mph (great for me!) up to mile 95, then took the last 15 miles slower. I stopped as often as needed to pee - so it took me all day! But I felt GOOD & no aches or hunger pangs the next day (aside from the headcold that blossomed into sinusitis!!!).

    THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    *and the fans go wild!* congrats on a job well done and wonderful news about the nutrition info. I did a 22 mile ride yesterday - in the wind, rain N cold. I carried a Clif bar and some electrolyte water and I did just great. No hunger pangs, and I did a very slow easy recovery ride today to keep the muscles moving. My ride yesterday was more for time - I wanted to ride as close to 2 hours as I could (1:35). Next trip out I want to ride for distance (30 miles). I figure if I do this in stages - I'll learn what my body needs and can tolerate as I work my way up the mileage/time scale.
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    Smile nutrition info

    My husband is hypoglycemic and has difficulty with the simple sugars. He also has extreemly high tryglycerides, which has compounded the problem. We have reached a compromised riding solution for him. I mix up powdered gatorade at about 1/3 strength and then add 2 heaping teaspoon-fulls of Soy protien powder to the mix. The protien powder extends endurance, and the gatorade keeps the energy going. He also takes peanut butter and crackers with him, and Detour bars. These have just a small amount of artifical sweetener in them, and they are not nasty. As far as pre-ride, peanut butter and nutrigrain waffles lasts me all day. No bonk from bad breakfast feeling. Hope this helps



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