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Thread: First downhill

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    Talking First downhill

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    Just want to share that I road my first downhill a couple of weeks ago! My BF and friends went to Bromont, Quebec for a day of down-hillin'. What a great time. I rented a Norco Drop, my poor little hardtail stayed locked to the roof rack, suited up in my body armour, and flew down the hill. Crashed a few times, but nothing serious, and was pretty bruised up for a few days... some are still lingering. Plenty of technical stuff, and alot of speed, really taught me that speed is the best friend of anyone riding, you really can just fly over things (not just handle bars..ha ha!)
    Also wanted to say that chicks that do this professionally amaze me, and really deserve tons of recognition for it. I did about 5 runs and could barely lift my arms, or my bike, or my head at that....any one that can lug a heavy bike around like that for a full day...you rock!!

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    Cool way 2 gooooooooooooooo

    Hey Gapgoil!

    that's awesome! I rode there last summer and i am looking forward to a trip in the next month or so. What a blast. especially trail no. 5 and 6. My friends and i were the group of idiots on the cross country bikes but it was great. I couldn't even squeeze my breaks any more by the end of the day
    and i was trying to fly down some sections without breaking! that didn't last too long!

    what was it like riding the downhill rig? i want to try it next time

    Happy riding!


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    Hoot and holler !!

    Thats sounds awesome gapgoil.Did the DH rig live up to your expectations?.I think they are way over priced .Bromont sounds like a blast.I may go there next summer.I am looking to ty more DH .If you are treking down a trail and come across a steep descent what is a good way to conquer the descent.Fly down or control the speed with breaks ?Is there any half descent trails in Ottawa area.I'm looking to venture out from Windsor area.I know across the boarder in Michigan they have tonnes of trails, just haven't built my skill level and bravado yet to take on the big hills.I have freqented central Indiana.If you are ever down that way.It's beautiful,and the housiers down in Indianapols are serious bikers.<HMBA>.Town Run trail,Gnaw bone camp,Wapahani camp.The best that Indiana has to offer.It's near the housier National park.You can check it out on the web.'MTBR' trail reviews -Indiana. Later GG

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    pennys Guest
    I've ridden DH trails in BC, Rossland and Nelson, on my XC rig. I did a bike camp is Rossland last month where they taught us a lot of DH techinique that can be applied anywhere. Brake control... of course you can control your speed because out of control = crashes. Trick is to learn to use front brake well, and NEVER SKID. Skidding is bad, bad, bad... poor techinique and a cause of trail erosion.

    Also, get your butt out of the saddle, attack (neutral position) be really dynamic and weight BACK on anything real steep

    Cindy Devine, Canadain World champ downhiller was one of our coaches...

    penny s



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