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    ISO: The perfect amateur shoe/pedal combo

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    Oh where.... is the perfect amateur shoe:

    It's gotta have some sort of rubber sole so I can walk without risk of breaking my neck on the way to the loo at coffe break.
    So I'd prefer MTB shoes.

    I don't like SPD cleats because I think they give me too little area to output power, so I am happy with my Looks.

    No road shoes I have seen have any mentionable amount of rubber.

    But there are no MTB shoes that have the 3 holes required for Look cleats.

    And I won't use an adapter.

    I just investigated Crank brothers quattros - they look like I need them, as their cleat is surrounded by a rubber area for walking.... The pedal is large so it would give me the large area I am dreaming of....

    any other ideas?
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    I have quattro's on my road bike and use the pedals with my road shoes and with mt bike shoes (I still have to have different cleats - 2 hole on my mt bike shoes, the cleat with the 3 hole adapter for the road shoe). The road cleats aren't rubber - the sort of horseshoe part that surrounds the cleat is hard plastic, and though it is easier to walk on than some types of cleats, its still not as comfy or secure as true mt bike shoe - you still have to do the duck walk.... The nice thing is you can trade off shoes without changing anything. I used my mt bike shoes all winter long since they are warmer and I can put more than one pair of socks on with them.
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