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Thread: Pilates

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    Has anybody done pilates at a studio with the equipment? My core body strength isn't great - plus I need something new. I've seen the mat pilates - but the equipment looks interesting.
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    yeah, I did some mat classes and then last year did about 15 one-on-one sessions w the Pilates equipment. I stopped because I overdid one session and aggravated an old back condition--precisely what I was trying to avoid.

    I prefer activities that I can either do entirely on my own or which have a faster pace. (tho I do yoga occasionally!)

    I find it more useful to use a stability ball. I hate it, but it works.

    Most people who try Pilates seem to love it, so I'm probably in the minority here.
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    I recently had foot surgery to repare a stubborn stress fracture that wouldnt get better... so I had to find something to keep me sane and quasi in shape. I started doing different Pilates videos at home (Windsor is by far my favorite... also the 'Cruch' series has a pretty intense mat workout) and I found that I got pretty lean pretty quick. My bulky leg muscles lengthened out, and when I got back on my bike, I actually felt stronger. I HIGHLY suggest it...
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