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Thread: Back wars

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    Back wars

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    Saturday I decided to switch dressers with my brother. Must have been a brainless day, since I thought I could move the dressers myself. Lift with knees, not back? Yeah, that isn't what I did. I carried them both, using mostly my back strength, and threw my back out in the process. Yesterday I could barely move. Today is better, but still painful. Chiropractor says I have to be off the bike until the weekend, if not longer.

    How long does it normally take to recover from overstressing your lower back? You should have seen the swelling yesterday. Three times the size it normally is. Not gonna fight the doctor on this. But I am curious about recovery times. Right now I am just glad to be able to almost walk upright. Even turn over in bed without pain is a victory...

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    Recovery from anything varies with the individual.
    Don't rush into riding again is the best I can offer. Rest, warm baths, stretch a little and rest some more.
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