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    I recently got the Selle SMP TRK Lady Saddle (about a month+ ago). My previous saddle (the one that came on my LeMond) had been tearing up my girlie bits since I got the bike. I had invested quite a bit of money in various shorts trying to get the "perfect" short. After reading posts here, it occured to me that maybe it wasn't the shorts, but the saddle. I got the Selle SMP TRK Lady, and voila! No more irritated girlie bits! I love it.
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    I'm so excited about this thread. It occured to me that my first ever saddle sores are not the new shorts, but the saddle. I didn't want to get into the saddle search nightmare but I really should have done that instead of buying and trying shorts. I do think the middle is maybe too wide for me too. Everyone is so different and likes a particular saddle but maybe we all (on this thread) have similiar tushes. I can't wait to see what some of you end up with.

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    Red face bike saddles

    I have used a avocett O2 for the last year, which has been good up to 50 miles, but painful later. I just ordered a specialized jett 155mm on ebay. We shall see..

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    I have a Selle Italia SLK on my road bike, not lady, not gel, but most woman-specific saddles are too wide for me. It's the first saddle that I felt comfortable on beyond 50-60 miles. I love it, unconditionally.

    So...I am planning a long touring trip on my MTB. My MTB still has the stock WTB Speed V Saddle on it, which is fine until I get over, say 45-50 consecutive miles, and then the wideness is too much and the repeated rubbing of my lower buttocks on the base of the saddle begins to remove tender bits of flesh. So I want to switch it out for something that will not rub my butt raw over the course of a month.

    On the Selle Italia site they recommend the SLK for on and off-road use; what I am wondering is have any of you used it on a MTB? I can obviously determine in advance if it will be comfortable, I am more concerned about durability and having it hold up over the course of a couple thousand kms of rough road. I don't particularly want to be finding a replacement saddle in Patagonia...

    Any advice?




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