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    Sep 2005

    fixed my first flat on the road!

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    hee hee and it was DBF's bike too.

    I offered to do it because I had practiced in triathlon camp.

    I got the tire off in a jiffy, checked for the puncture* (did not find it. maybe it was the valve that was broken) and had the new tube in with no problems. We finished our 45K ride without another flat so it probably wasn't glass or some such.
    We had a CO2 cartridge and adaptor and that helped inflating in a few secs. I can highly recommend these - I'd hate to see myself inflating a tube with the little tiny handheld pump. I'm pretty sure they'll give you another fill for the second flat on the same ride.

    Now I still need to live test the can of gunky repair milk I am carrying around in my saddle bag.

    *the guy in camp told us to inflate the tube and hold it up to our eyes, because they will feel even a tiny airstream. Just in case you are interested.

    Note to self: carry a couple of refreshing towels to clean hands afterwards.

    Note to self #2: don't forget to buy new cartridge.
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    Way to go! You are my hero
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