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    Aug 2005
    Perth, Western Australia

    Aussie & Kiwi ladies-how do you stay safe?

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    Since we''re not in the US i'm going to start this thread down in our section.

    How do you ladies stay safe? As far as i'm aware we can't carry mace or pepper spray and don't even know how to get it here in Perth. I don't like the idea of carrying anything like it with me whilst biking.

    I've never encountered any wierd things whislt biking here. Perhaps because I have memorized most of the paths I bike down and am aware of what's out there.

    I have a whistle & my cell phone on me while biking.

    I do mtn bike alone but I normally do so if Ian is doing some harder trails at the same time.



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    Apr 2005
    Middle Earth
    I always have my cell, and always have it on.

    I guess the main way I stay safe is by riding known roads, in daylight. And these roads are used to having bikes on them, so most of the drivers are bike-friendly too...

    I have often thought about making a pepper spray of some sort, but I never get around to it.

    I don't off road except on our farm, so don't have to worry about mtn-bike trails.

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    Jul 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    I've been fairly safe riding in Sydney.
    The worst I've had to encounter is the ocasional car horn & a passing car full to teenagers throw some eggs at me once.
    I always carry my mobile with me & some "just in case" money.

    Night riding requires some caution. When choosing routes, I try to use well-lit roads which I am familar with. Bikepaths are best left for daytime.

    There is one section of bikepath which follows the Burnt Bridge Breek Deviation (between Seaforth & Brookvale), which I can't use at night-time.
    Why? - because it is not well- lit and partly surrounded by trees.
    The roadway. though it hasn't alot of streetlights, is so much safer.

    Happy riding

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    Oct 2005
    Christchurch, NZ
    Yep pretty much the same as everybody else - carry a cell phone and be careful about where I ride after dark

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    May 2007
    Queensland, Australia
    Must admit I am the same and carry phone and money, also bike pump comes in handy but I have only used it on dogs. I dont ride alone often as I belong to a womens only "riding team" and there is general one or two ladies wishing to do a ride at the same time. If I ride alone I ride within an area that I know other cyclist will be that I know

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    Feb 2007
    Melbourne Australia
    Com'on CCanuck...you know the solution...ride faster!!

    Always take a phone and usually a riding partner where possible. I did do my first night MTB ride recently It was awesome. Felt very safe when on the bike path with other comuters, then when I hit the 'off trail' I was fine, only saw two other bikes and two doggies with their flashing collar lights!! I even tried a bit of single track I ride in the day, so I was familiar with it. I had no fear and figured, they can't see me with my blinding lights! Thought maybe I should have tucked my pigtails in though for anyone riding behind me. It was only about 5.30-7pm, so not too late



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