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    Movie under the stars

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    I just got home from seeing a movie. The movie wasn't anything great, it was RV with Robin Williams. A funny, somewhat predictable comedy. I was gratified by the subject of a $4000 bike coming up briefly in the movie. (Robin is a rider)

    The best part of the movie is the atmosphere: 30 minutes outside the city, up on the Uncompahgre Plateau is the little community of Glade Park. The volunteer fire dept up there shows movies on the backside of the fire station on Friday nights in the summer. They are free. But there is a grill where you can buy a burger (or veggie burger) for $2. Popcorn is 50 cents. Families bring chairs, blankets, coolers and enjoy a night of entertainment under the Colorado sky.

    Last Friday we went there and saw Over The Hedge.

    We go to several of these every summer. It's just fun. We usually don't care what the movie is. Except that last summer we left partway through the latest Star Wars movie because it was so awful, it was excruciating to watch it.

    Sometimes we go up early with the bikes and do a road ride before going to the movie.
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    Love the old movie references in Over the Hedge :

    "Rosbud?"- Citizen Kane
    "Stella! Stella!!"- Streetcar Named Desire

    I think is a couple more.

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    we watched the World's Greatest Lover last night. It's an old Gene Wilder movie and it was cute and fun.
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    Just watched knives out and actually made a purchase from within the movie lol. Theyre berghoff knives and have been working great. Heres a Berghoff knife review on smokekitchen. Anyways, i would highly recommend watching that movie. Other then that, ive recently discovered the persuit of happyness and its become one of my favorite movies. Pretty old movie but i love will smith's acting in it.



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