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    Dec 2006
    Bathurst, Australia

    Is it just me or does cycling in the ACT rock!!!

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    We just spent the weekend in Canberra and I took the bike with us. It was a last minute trip as my MIL was in hospital so I didn't have time to research any rides before leaving BUT we stayed right near Lake Burley Griffin and I thought I'd just go exploring.

    On Saturday I went round the lake and took a few side detours on the way (followed a bike path to Holder at one point) and on sunday tried my hand at hills and went up Mt Aislee. Was a bit sadened to find that Canberra is at 550m so the 850m peak wasn't as big as I thought. I was tooo puffed from that to get up Black Mountain - maybe next time.

    Anyway, there are cycle paths everywhere and it looks like several roads have been altered to put them in. What a nice change from Sydney where there is virtually no cycling accomodation and is so anti cycling that a friend was actually chased (by a car) and verbally harassed the the other day for being "a cyclist".

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    Aug 2005
    Perth, Western Australia


    I've never actually been to the ACT but have heard that the MTB trails there are awesome.

    The World MTB champs are there in 2009 i believe.

    One day Ian & I shall wander on over to the ACT!

    Happy biking


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    Apr 2016

    Is it just me or does cycling in the ACT rock

    Very imaginitive, I thought you only had round-a-bouts in the ACT

    Its not a bad drive to Canberra, will probably be in the area at some point, be good to meet up with some more mustang owners

    Might need to set up some of that nascar camber to tackle all the right hand turns though

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    Oct 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    I hope I'll do the ride next week. Should be challenging!



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