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    brakes for cyclocross

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    So i'm currently a roadie, done a bit of running in the past and thinking about doing cyclocross. I am building up a winter hack / cyclocross bike from a surly crosscheck frame and would like some advice about brakes - v brakes or avid shorty or empella froglegs or do you have other suggestions.



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    My 'cross bike has Avid mechanical brakes. I don't like them. Squeeky as heck and the pads wear down way too fast. It does brake better in wet & cold (winter) weather. Regardless, I'm thinking about seeing if somehow I covert it to V-brakes.

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    I have Avid Shorty 6 cantilevers on my cross bike, and my experience is similar to Velobambina's. Brake pads needed to be replaced after less than 2000 miles; need adjustments every few months to keep the squealing down; they don't stop all that well. If I had to do it over again I'd go with V-brakes or another brand of cantis.

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    I've got Paul Neo Retro Cantis on the front and just changed the brake pads at 1700 miles. I (really Thom) replaced the original ones with Kool stops.

    I have Paul Touring Cantis on the back and haven't changed the pads yet.

    I gotta say I love the stopping power of these brakes.

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    I have Shimano cantis on my Axis; I don't think they're anything special but they came stock on the bike and I haven't yet had reason to change them (I'm not racing though).

    I'm sure you won't be looking at these brakes since there are better ones on the market -- but one thing I would like to share:

    when I first brought my Axis home, the squealing was unbelievable. Sounded like a car with bad brakes -- people on the sidewalk would stop and stare. I did a little reading and figured out how to properly position them, adjust the travel, and, MOST importantly, **toe the brakes in**, and not only did the squealing go away but the stopping power improved.

    just my .02. good luck!



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