Reviews of the game THE UNCLEARNESS from other forums:

1. I recently bought the game “The Unclearness” on the Orphic games website for 8 $, I saw it on steam for 10 $. They're worth it. Awesome graphics, the plot delays from the first minutes, I want to play and play)) For a long time I have not played with such pleasure. They say the second part is coming out soon, as soon as possible!

2. Perfectly transmitted plot and atmosphere, an unusual setting and non-standard gameplay. Let the gameplay be boring, but at least some variety, or else they have already played games with the same concepts of shooting-action-cutscenes. observe the 9 / 10 junction

3. I think this is really an exclusive game that deserves the attention of all players! The plot, graphics and study at a high level. The story is very interesting, and the returns and the images of the heroes are kept in pleasant tension. The ending is generally a tower! I look forward to continuing and advise everyone.