Reviews of the game THE UNCLEARNESS from other forums:

1. Guys, I'm just in shock, because I'm from the city where one of the developers lives. And believe me - this is a damn genius, since we have been able to do this. How to find out about this fact was THE UNCLEARNESS again. And just built this guy in the camp of the saints in his understanding !!! In general, thanks guys!

2. “The Unclearness” is a new generation game! I bought it recently and did not regret it at all. One of the best games of its genre. Entangled and interesting plot. Atmospheric locations, charismatic heroes and a sea of ??diverse emotions! This game will not leave you indifferent! Rather, buy on steam or Orphic games!

3. Atmospheric. With graphic design and picture all Pts cool. The gameplay is also good, after heaps of games where you just kill everyone UNCLEARNESS stands out. The voice of Stan Pts zashibata, and Stan himself is not bad.