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Thread: New to cycling

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    Hi everyone! I just thought I would introduce myself. I am brand new to cycling. Thanks to my supportive and patient boyfriend, he is willing to work with me from scratch. We recently purchased a Cannondale R500 Feminine, and I plan to ride within the next few days. Finding the right bike for me was quite a challenge, seeing as though I am under 5'. We were lucky enough to walk into a Sports Chalet, and find a 40 frame. My BF has been cycling for years, but I have questions that he doesn't always know the answers too. I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask around. I have been geared up with the proper equipment and accessories, now I just need to get on my bike and ride. If anyone has any advice that they would like to offer, please send it my way. Thanks.

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    Welcome to cycling. It's a great sport that you can do well into your latter years because it's not bone jarring.

    There are several important tips when you're just starting out. One is to peddle in a circle. That means not only pushing down, but drawing your foot back and up. If you have access to a stationary bike, you can try it one leg at a time.

    Be sure that your motion begins at the hip. Envision snapping a dishtowel - if you grab it at the end, you get more motion than if you grab it in the middle. When you're riding, envision that your hip is the focal point of the motion.

    Keep your feet flat. We tend to ride with toes pointed down. You may have to adjust your seat if it's too high. You'll get much more power with flat feet.

    Most important - do not push big gears when you're just beginning. Spin spin spin! Let your tendons & ligaments get used to the motion. Your connective tissues do not gain strength as quickly as your muscles. Even when I'm beginning my serious riding in the spring, I always begin my first rides with just spinning. If you're faced with big hills or headwinds - spin in smaller gears. You won't be fast at first, but you'll have lots less knee pain down the road!

    Good luck!
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