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    Favorite safety accessory of 2019

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    Last December we had a "santa claus" ride and a friend of mine stuck a plastic headband with reindeer horns (green felt ones, so not exactly true to life, but who's counting ) and .... it was a real boon to getting noticed and people making room.
    That worked 'til February -- and by then Meijer had ones with shamrocks, and since we have a (disgusting) tradition of an early St. Pat's day, that was next... and the day after St. Pat's ... purple bunny ears (liturgically appropriate to Lent)... a commute doesn't go by that I don't get at least one "love the ears!" or "look mommy, a bunny!" and... people smile and give me room.
    Now, I wish I didn't have to be a jester to get room on the road, but... I'll do what it takes...

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    Mrs. KnottedYet
    I’m thinking fireworks trailing off the bike, some flares for July 4th?
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