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    Jan 2009

    Scott contessa scale 10

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    I'm in the market for a new mountain bike coming from a super old specialized rockhopper 26 wheels. Very much interested in the Scott scale with 27.5 wheels.
    Too small for 29er. I have tried but 5'3'' and just don't feel confident right now going that big a wheel.
    Anyone ride scott and can give me feedback on the bike?

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    May 2013
    north woods of Wisconsin
    Don't be mislead by the 27.5 label. A 27.5 is not halfway between a 26" and a 29". It's actually much closer to a 26". even though I am tall enough for a 29 and ride some 29 bikes, I love the 27.5 wheel size. Accelerates and handles very much like a 26", but gets you a bit more speed via it's slightly larger size.

    Can't help you on the Scott, but, as always, I recommend a test ride before you buy, even if it means having to travel a bit. Best of luck.

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    Mar 2019
    Its always better test the bike, because depends on your height, and what kind of ground are you going to ride



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